Welcome to the Oliphant Films Portfolio! We are a production company that specializes in making short films for boutique & lifestyle hotels. On this page, you can see the films we’ve made so far, and learn more about our exciting partnership with MO:HAWK, a digital media company based in Mumbai.

What We Do

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Isha Vilas – A Luxury Private Noble Home by Neemrana Boutique Hotels

Isha Vilas is a beautiful yoga/rejuvenation home nestled amongst trees in the beautiful beachside town of Goa, India. It’s such an idyllic location, and beautiful setting. We worked with Jeh Bajaj, the proud owner, to convey the beauty and personality of his hotel to drive more online bookings directly from their website.

“You Won’t Want to Leave” Synopsis

A business traveler who is supposed to be attending a conference in India, escapes to Isha Vilas and lies to his boss about his “successful” business trip.

“You Won’t Want to Leave” Impact

The humorous film beautifully displays the extravagance of Isha Vilas, while conveying a humorous personality to connect with viewers.

The Franklin Hotel – A Luxury Boutique Hotel in North Carolina, USA

The Franklin Hotel is a beautiful luxury boutique hotel located right off of the University of North Carolina campus. The Franklin’s management team came to us with two main goals: to drive more guests to the hotel’s lounge called The Roberts Lounge, and to attract more business travelers looking for a leisure friendly hotel.

Film #1: “Try Not To Fall In Love”

“Try Not To Fall In Love” Synopsis

A weary business traveler falls in love with The Franklin. She talks about this wonderful boy named Franklin she met while on business. Franklin reinvigorates her life, and we slowly realizes she’s actually talk about The Franklin Hotel.

“Try Not To Fall In Love” Impact

The stylized film conveys the hotel’s personality and its ability to show its guests how to mix business with pleasure. The film currently plays on a loop in the hotel’s lobby, and will soon play on social media websites.

Oliphant Films produced a series of films that spectacularly tell our hotel’s story. They connected with us to precisely understand our values, beliefs, and aspirations.
– Jay Patel, President, Franklin Hotel

Film #2: “Keep Making Memories”

Keep Making Memories Synopsis

A mom becomes emotional after she moves her son in to his university dorm. Her son decides to surprise her with a pillow fight in her hotel. This is intercut with them pillow-fighting at home, 10 years earlier.

“Keep Making Memories” Impact

The storyline connects the college parent’s memories in their living room at home with the hotel lounge. The Franklin Hotel wanted a film to welcome guests, so the film currently plays on the in-room TV.

Dolphin Beach Resort – An Adventure Resort in Sri Lanka

Dolphin Beach Resort is a beautiful resort featuring 12 luxury tents right on the sandy beaches of Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. The management team came to us with the goal of showing off the hotel’s unique water activities and relaxing atmosphere to its visitors on its website.

Film #1: “Friendship”

“Friendship” Synopsis

Two friends show a stressed-out business traveller just how lucky he is to be staying at Dolphin Beach.

“Friendship” Impact

The humorous and unique film presents a fresh perspective to the activities.

Film #2: “The Dream”

“The Dream” Synopsis

A stressed out young businesswoman dreams of waking in a far away place called Dolphin Beach. To her surprise, her dream is actually reality.

“The Dream” Impact

The stop-motion film presents the activities at Dolphin Beach in a unique style, conveying the whimsical personality of the Dolphin Beach resort.

Marbela Beach Resort – Luxury tents right on the beach

Marbela Beach is composed of beautiful 5 Star tents right on the beautiful Morjim Beach in Goa. It’s extremely ideal and pleasant, and truly is a “special place to unwind.” We traveled there to make a special film showcasing the amazingly fun season opening party Marbela hosted.

Sizzle Reel

We created a “Sizzle Reel” for Marbela Beach. Fun images, fast cuts, and exciting music put together to really show off the excitement of the party.

Sizzle Reel Impact

We added an exciting element to the traditional “sizzle reel” which is the idea of a “definition” of Marbela Beach. Marbela Beach is a great combination of a relaxing, peaceful beachside resort, and a fun party place. We came up with some synonyms for Marbela Beach, and created a film based around that.

Oliphant Films has entered an exciting partnership with MO:HAWK, an ahead-of-the-curve digital media company based in Mumbai. Together, Oliphant and MO:HAWK will combine their resources to bring the best talent together to make your short film. MO:HAWK will also ensure that your film gets distributed to the widest possible audiences.

Anita Horam

As a career producer-writer-director-creative consultant for TV, Anita’s strongest skill has been to create desirability around the lifestyle products she spins stories around.

After full time stints for outfits like The Times of India, Channel V, MTV & UTV she founded & now fronts VIA EARTH (set up in 2005) – a boutique facility specializing in factual, non-fiction content for television with a special focus on lifestyle & leisure related genres.

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Mozez Singh

Mozez Singh is a film maker & a designer.

He is a writer, producer, and director in the Indian TV & Film Industry. Mozez has written, produced and directed fiction, non-fiction, reality, fashion, music, current affairs and talk shows for the following TV channels – Star Plus, Star One, Sony, Zee TV, FTV, MTV, Channel V, AajTak, Headlines Today.

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